Monday, February 23, 2015

February Orchid Blooms

It is a welcome phenomenon that many orchids like to bloom this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyways).  Since moving to this new location, I have divided my orchids between two climates.  The intermediate temperature, lower-light orchids are living in the house and the ones that like brighter light and higher temperatures are in the sun room of the barn.  Actually, the sun room does get cooler in winter, but I think this may help start the blooming cycle for some of them.  More critical is the light -- some would get sunburn out there (Phalaenopsis).   

Oncidium Twinkle Pink Profusion
A new purchase that bloomed this January, Oncidium "Twinkle" Pink Profusion.  This is a tiny plant with mini flowers.  It was grown by Forestview Gardens in Agassiz, BC.  They sold some of these to the soon-to-be Gardenworks garden center in Penticton, where I picked this one up.  They also sell at orchid events and I hope pick up more in the future.

Dendrobium nobile "Angel Smile"
This is an old friend of many years that is blooming this week: Dendrobium nobile "Angel Smile".  I actually have three plants with buds at the moment.  This is the best color I have ever seen on this plant, as my previous blooms were quite pale.  I wonder what made the difference?  This one has been growing out in the barn sun room but was moved inside so we can enjoy the blooms.

I won this huge Cymbidium at a raffle at the local Orchid Society meeting.  I will divide this one after flowering.

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