Friday, March 18, 2016

Early Spring Flowers in the Okanagan

It's time to get excited about the garden and plans for the yard!  The snow crocuses and large flowering crocuses have looked great in our yard this past week.  They are complemented by the violas and dwarf irises.

As I took photos of my lovely snow crocuses, I accidentally directed our new puppy's attention to the little purple flowers and he granted me this lovely action shot of him eating the flowers.  He likes to be involved in the action.  If I pull weeds, he enthusiastically digs an adjacent hole in a show of solidarity.

Oreo the crocus-munching dog
The dog and family hiked up Giant's Head Mountain here in Summerland this week.  This is a view from one of the little trails that winds around the mountain.  I just kept telling myself that the snakes aren't out yet and the bears aren't eating berries yet.  If it comes down to it, the puppy is a Karelian bear dog and it would give him an exciting experience, but I'd rather not participate.

View from Giant's Head Mountain, looking northeast
There were several of the sagebrush buttercups blooming on the mountain, this one alongside a flower bulb that is just coming up.  I'm not sure what the bulb is, but surely want to find out.  The sagebrush buttercup, like the rest of the buttercup family, is poisonous.  This feature was known to local native groups, who used it as poison on their arrowheads when they were hunting.  I advised the kids not to touch it.  

  The early dwarf irises are blooming in my yard -- my first time growing this kind in BC.  The blue are "Cantab" and the white...I am not sure about.  The label reads something that sounds like a French word I accidentally transcribed from the package that had nothing to do with the flower.   

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