Sunday, May 28, 2017

Long-awaiting Blooming of the Tree Peony

After planting my clearance sale tree peony in 2014, I finally get my first blooms now in 2017.  These are spectacular large blooms!  The plant was labeled as "Lilac", with no other details.  Mine has very large blooms and seems to support these well on the plant, better than with herbaceous peonies.   
 I am so excited about this plant that I recently went online and found a Canadian source for an Itoh peony, which is a cross between the herbaceous and tree peony.  I would have tried to get another tree peony, but either they are just terribly hard to find, or just not sold again till fall.  Also, there is not much familiarity with these lovely plants. 

Of course, this is not a "tree", but a woody stemmed deciduous shrub.  A family member looked at me strangely when I said I had this blooming "tree" in my little rock garden.  No worries, no actual tree here.  I would like to see it get bigger and have even more blooms in coming years.  I understand that these plants can easily outlive me.  I would be nice to have some enduring beautiful things in my garden!  I am sold on peonies. 

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