Friday, March 27, 2015

A Change for Penticton Garden Store

Penticton Art Knapps seems to be nearly completing its conversion to being a Gardenworks store.  I saw that the old sign was removed and the front roof was being painted this bright green yesterday.

Gardenworks previously only had locations in greater Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, so the new Penticton store will have the distinction of having the most hot and dry climate.  This is not the land of moss and ferns.

It may just be the time of year, but there is a very nice display of various seeds at the store right now.  I see a few different orchid plants too, with dendrobiums and a large cymbidium, along the ubiquitous Phaelenopsis orchids.  They carry West Coast Seeds, which is fortunate, as their website had a glitch and never worked for me. 

Our resident small people will be thrilled if the pond full of koi stays at the front door.  It is a brilliant marketing tool for parents whose children force them to visit the place on a regular basis.

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