Friday, March 6, 2015

More of the Stock Tank Raised Beds

While the spring flowers have been slow to appear here, the stock tanks continue to move along in preparation for spring seeding.

The first steps in this project can be found in an earlier post here:

Landscape fabric over rocks, drainage pipe
After the layer of river rock, the man-gardener covered the rock with a permeable landscape fabric to prevent the future sand layer from falling through into the rocks.  The vertical pipe at the end will be the inlet for water that will sit around the rocks and wick up to the plants (theoretically).   A perforated plastic pipe covered in a fine mesh of some sort (to keep out the sand) crosses the tank above the landscape fabric and sticks out a hole cut in the side of the tank.  The purpose of this pipe is to drain off any excess water, should it reach the level of the pipe. 
Drain pipe from middle layer of tank
After the drainage pipes were all installed, the layer of sand was added.  It appears there is only a few inches of sand (I didn't stay to watch the whole process).
Sand layer is added in stock tank
Next will be a layer of potting mix (no landscape fabric to separate potting mix and sand though).  We are waiting until the local suppliers have bulk amounts of potting mix available.  The spinach seeds are waiting! 

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