Saturday, March 21, 2015

Just Flowers, No Blizzards Here

The "Ruby Giant" snow crocuses are blooming today for the first weekend of spring!  While I saw the bulbs in Penticton blooming much ahead of us, our elevation just above the valley floor seemed to delay the blooms up here. 
Crocus tomassinianus "Ruby Giant"
 I notice that the crocuses in more shade are barely up and I suspect they will not do as well.  I will avoid planting them in those places in the future.  My daffodils have flower buds on them but are not open yet.  Today was a great day for weeding and spring cleanup.  I've trimmed the lavender and cut dead growth from most of the shrubs and perennials already.  I realized that it is time (or may beyond the time) to find some table grape vines to plant in the yard.  However, I see that several online sellers are already sold out of many varieties.  I will try some local nurseries and see what is available...and soon!
Crocus tomassinianus "Ruby Giant"
My large flowered crocuses are just starting to open now.  You can never have too many crocuses, and with enough time, these lovely little spring bulbs will multiply into bigger and better shows.  I can't imagine life in the eastern half of Canada at this point, dealing with shoveling cars out of snowbanks.  I so much appreciate my flowers here in BC!

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